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Our regular group classes for adults typically meet once per week either online or in-person. The languages currently offered are Chinese, French, Spanish and English for non-native speakers.

The duration of each class may vary (from 1.5 hours to 2 hours) depending on the sessions.

Beginner (1 through 4)

This class level focuses on the acquisition of basic communication skills. After completing four 6-week sessions, students are able to carry simple conversations, read easy books and write informal letters.

Intermediate (1 through 4)

Students learn to use present, past and future tenses of regular and irregular verbs in every day conversation situations. Articles from the press are used to debate on cultural or social issues.


This class level focuses on the development of advanced conversational skills, the use of idiomatic expressions and complex structures.


Are you interested in learning at your own pace? Then our private classes are for you. This option allows you to pick your schedule, have a tailored progression plan made for you and focus on your specific goals.

The class can meet in person or online, once or several times a week, depending on your needs and your choice. You have the possibility to keep the same instructor throughout the course or combine different instructors if you are taking several classes a week.

Our virtual classes allow you to attend class from anywhere in or out of the country!


Create your own group of at least three interested friends, colleagues, or family members. Pick your preferred schedule and start date. We will take care of the rest!

For more details, contact us : / Tel. 972 991 6379