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At Dallas International School we educate our students to be global citizens.
  • DIS teaches in two languages: French and English.
  • DIS teaches other languages, including Spanish, German and Chinese.
  • DIS believes that to really master a language you have to study the culture that goes with it.
  • DIS bases its pedagogy on the French model.
  • DIS incorporates the best aspects of the American school system.
By teaching more than just the essentials, we prepare students for college and beyond. This unique approach creates lifelong learners with the ability and passion to learn. They are always prepared to succeed in the world of tomorrow.


À Dallas International School, nous formons nos élèves à être des citoyens du monde.
  • DIS enseigne en deux langues: français et anglais.
  • DIS enseigne d'autres langues : l'espagnol, l'allemand et le chinois.
  • DIS considère que la maîtrise d’une langue passe aussi par l’apprentissage de sa culture.
  • DIS base sa pédagogie sur le modèle français.
  • DIS incorpore les meilleurs aspects du système éducatif américain.
En enseignant bien plus que les bases, DIS prépare les élèves à l’université et au-delà. Cette unique approche forme des apprenants pour la vie ayant la capacité et la passion du savoir. Ils seront ainsi toujours prêts à réussir dans le monde de demain.

French Immersion Program at DIS

Dallas International School French Immersion Program (FIP), offers students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the French language with the goal of having them fluent in French as a second language by the time they complete the program. Designed for students to acquire fluency in at least two languages, FIP opens up minds and doors for students to the rest of the world. FIP is compelling for students looking to position themselves as strong candidates for college and university placements once they graduate from high school (12th grade). The FIP is designed to develop critical-thinking and readiness to become more independent and authentic individuals, but also with a view to transform their outlook into one that crosses cultural boundaries and prepares them to become global leaders of the future.

Why language immersion?

More than forty years of research consistently documents the power of immersion programs to help students attain high levels of second language proficiency. No other type of instruction, short of living in a second-language environment, is as successful. Young children especially thrive in this type of instructional environment.

How does it work?

At Dallas International School, the French Immersion Program instruction is divided between two high quality classrooms at the beginning of the year: a bilingual classroom and a French immersion classroom. While the English teacher uses thirty percent of his/her instruction time to teach English and the Arts, the French teacher uses seventy percent of her/his instructional time to teach French, Arts, Math, Social Studies and Sciences along with other subjects from the French curriculum - all grade-appropriate and accredited by the French Ministry of Education. We are confident that children enrolled in this unique program will complete the program becoming comfortable and competent in speaking French.


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  • Photo of Kerry Briard

    Mrs. Kerry Briard 

    Director, Admission and Development
    Boston College - MBA
    Tufts University - BA
  • Photo of Malika Kimatshoeva

    Ms. Malika Kimatshoeva 

    Advancement Coordinator - Admission
    Sussex University - MA - Development Studies

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