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Technology is all around us. We experience this on a daily basis, from our work lives, to our personal lives and starts from the moment we are born. We look towards technology to help our teachers in the classroom, we look towards technology to help our students learn, and we look towards teaching the subjects that involve technology and the applied sciences.

Technology instruction starts in Kindergarten with our 1:1 iPad program. Throughout the lower grade levels, we teach the basic skills such as keyboarding, mouse and gesture control, general navigation, and start our students learning about the wonderful world of STEAM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART, MATHEMATICS). Our STEAM curriculum coordinates with our students’ main teacher to

As we move into middle school, the basic computing skills learned from earlier grades helps in our student’s success in all of their classes by being comfortable with basic office suite programs. We will also begin dedicated technology classes where students learn … Electives in coding, applied sciences, and specialized STEAM activities such as drone building are available.

High school students can choose to further their STEAM education by enrolling in advanced courses in Computer Sciences, Programming, and Engineering. DIS has many opportunities for our high school students to become student lab assistants for our technology and after school STEAM teachers, or become peer-to-peer mentors to their classmates. Our (very) close proximity to UT Dallas and our collective partnerships have afforded a select few of our junior and senior high school students to participate in internship opportunities with university-level research labs.


Our Churchill Way and Waterview Parkway campuses are 1:1 devices for each student with the following breakdowns:

  • Kindergarten students have iPads that remain in class for daily use. One iPad is assigned to each student.
  • 1st - 8th grade students have 1:1 Chromebooks in every class. Chromebooks are assigned to each student and can be used at home with our teachers’ discretion.
  • 9th - 12th grade students are required to bring their own laptops either Mac or Windows.
  • Full wireless network coverage with high bandwidth Internet access at both campuses
  • Full IT support for all students and staff to support our telecommunications infrastructure