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After School

At DIS, we believe in helping students learn outside of the classroom. Academics are important, but we also strive to help students better their minds, hearts, and bodies through arts and athletics.

The artistic expression of our students is an essential part of their education. Learning to sing or play an instrument before an audience, express emotion through painting or sculpting or take on the characteristics of another through a theatrical performance develops confidence and self-awareness in a student. It enriches their life. Our goal at DIS is to give our students a well-rounded, international education that will help them become truly global citizens.

After School Activities

DIS offers various after-school programs from 3:00–6:00 p.m. each day. Comprehensive information on the after-school program (activities, schedules, fees) is available before the start of every school year.  Enrollment may begin in August for the Fall semester and in January for the Spring semester.  

The Maternelle program for after-school and after-care is a package program.  Each day all students in grades PS and MS will have a different activity from.3:00-4:00 pm. Students enrolled in this program are allowed to stay until 6 pm. The after-care cost for this program is a $30 drop-in rate for unenrolled and $130 per week with pre-pay billing.

After-care fees are assessed at $10/hour.