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DIS students are mature, intelligent, and open-minded. Immersed in a multilingual environment every day, our students are able to synthesize their learning, to think critically, to approach obstacles from different points of view, and to communicate with different cultures as they navigate through life. They truly are global citizens, well-prepared to go out into an ever-evolving world.

Student life

DIS offers a rigorous academic program based on the use of several languages. The effort expected by the students during and outside of class is, therefore, more intensive than in other schools. Attendance, punctuality, organization, intellectual curiosity, attentiveness, perseverance, respect of DIS rules, and personnel are required for success at DIS.

Through the curriculum and after-school activities offered at DIS, students are expected to acquire fluency in at least two languages, an understanding of global issues, and awareness of other cultures. Respect for other people and other cultures, development of a critical and analytical mind, and respect of jointly approved rules and fundamental social values are all integral parts of the teaching at DIS.