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Why DIS?

DIS offers students a unique educational experience that is best described as a journey of self-discovery through which they flourish as individuals, citizens and humans so that one day they can contribute to the collective progress of society.

Our students are intellectually curious and know that no fact is out of reach if they incessantly strive for the pursuit of knowledge. By being exposed to the great expressions of human culture, they progressively develop mathematical logic and scientific precision, as well as the critical thinking, creativity and sensitivity associated with the study of the humanities.

From a young age, DIS students aim to become citizens in action who take an interest in international affairs, global issues as defined by the United Nations, and a range of world cultures and traditions. Multilingualism is one of their main keys to internationalism and interculturalism.

With our inspirational legacy of academic and civic education, and our global network of sister schools, the world feels bigger and smaller at the same time.

We are Globally Inspired. Distinctly Different.