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At Dallas International School, the Maternelle preschool years guide children in becoming independent, confident learners and help them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in elementary school

What is Maternelle/preschool at DIS? 

In France, early childhood learning centers are referred to as “Maternelle.” Entering Maternelle helps children securely transition from the security and comfort of home to begin a journey towards independence and school readiness. DIS Maternelle offers a unique bilingual program in French and  English. Maternelle children acquire rich, well-structured oral language which is clearly understood  by others. Upon entering Elementary school, DIS students are understanding and communicating in  French and English. 

Teachers nurture the linguistic and social emotional development of each child in a differentiated, hands-on, child centered learning environment. Maternelle students learn while building relationships with adults and peers. They explore concepts of oral language, early reading and writing, mathematics, gross and fine motor skills, art, and exploring the world. Teachers arrange learning spaces to offer children a world of exploration, which stimulates their curiosity to try a variety of sensory, motor and  cognitive experiences. The daily Maternelle schedule is organized in a manner that respects the needs  and natural biological rhythms of the children while offering carefully planned and purposeful learning  activities. These years of learning offer children a firm educational foundation on which to build their future academic development.