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The middle school track encompasses sixth through eighth grade. It is the time when students reinforce the knowledge and skills already developed in elementary school. They are faced with more challenging topics, concepts and ideas.

Subjects are taught by different teachers and students periodically change classrooms according to their schedules. Proper organization of school work and time management is paramount in maintaining good study habits at this level.

Middle school teachers follow the curriculum of the French Ministry of Education, which is taught mostly in French but also in English.

DIS middle school focuses on languages. All the teachers are native speakers. Students are taught five hours per week at an advanced English Literature level. Students have the opportunity to take a third language when entering 6th grade. They can pursue the third language they had in primary (Spanish) or choose Chinese or German instead. Additional French reinforcement can be added to the curriculum if needed. English as a Second Language for newly-arrived non-English speakers is also offered.

DIS middle school puts specific attention on mathematics and science: one hour English mathematics and one hour English science are taught in addition to the French curriculum to help students be more competitive for placement in the most selective American universities.

The use of new technologies is promoted during class. Projectors are installed in each class room. 3D printers are used in computer science class. Besides of the use of new technology, DIS middle school also promotes the advancement reading and writing skills.

At the completion of the ninth grade, students choose to either continue their tenth through twelfth grade studies in the French Track, ultimately leading to the French Baccalaureate Diploma, or enter into the International Baccalaureate Track, leading to the Advanced Bilingual IB Diploma. New students with no French, or limited French, can join the IB track in ninth grade.

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