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Why An International Education?

The world is interconnected like never before. We need our young people to be able to navigate this reality. At DIS, students are used to rubbing shoulders with people from all over the world. They are used to working together with people who are different from them, speaking other languages, embracing different cultures. Our teachers also represent several nationalities from different continents and cultures. So our students absorb global-mindedness from a young age, and it becomes a natural way of thinking to the students of DIS. They become mature, open-minded thinkers, able to hold their own in many different, challenging contexts. 

Fluency in French, English, and one or more other modern languages is a crucial factor in the success of the world’s future citizens. Learning another language is not just about opening those essential doors of communication but also about how we see the world, ways in which we approach problems, and ways in which we find solutions to those problems. Multilingual students know there is more than one way. They are open to others, which means they have increased empathy and understanding. They can synthesize what they learn in their classes in the different languages, approaching academic content from different angles. This is an undeniable advantage we offer our students over other monolingual schools.