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Head of School:

Dr. Josep González, Head of School

Campus Directors: 

Franck Philipp, Head of Primary School

Patty de Villiers, Head of Secondary School


Sergio Franklin, Athletics Director


Elizabeth Sham, Counselor
(Churchill Campus)

Kym Brinkley, Counselor
(Waterview Campus)

Phil Nicol, Nurse
(Churchill Campus)

Shivani Patel, Nurse
(Waterview Campus)

Executive Team: 

Kerry Briard, Director of Admission

Laurent Lebaillif, Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Provan, Director of Marketing and Communications

Douglas Lee, Director of Technology

Zilla Webb, Director of Human Resources

Yohanis Mibrathu, Director of Language Institute/Camps

Susan Zic, Development Manager

College Counseling:

Casey Gendason, College Counselor


Amber Shaikh, Accountant

Elisabeth Altunian, Accounts Payable/Purchasing Agent


Karine Afopa, Assistant to the Head of School/Registrar

Zahra Boudaoui, Head of Administrative Services (Secondary School)

Sophie Hussenet, Deputy Head of Primary

Sylisse Thai, Assistant to the Head of Primary

Student Affairs & After-school Programs

Shari Bow, Head of Student Affairs / After-school & Athletics Programs
(Churchill Campus)

Selcuk Caglar, Dean of Students
(Waterview Campus)

Jori Flood, Student Affairs Coordinator
(Waterview Campus)

Sophie Damour,  Student Life Coordinator
(Waterview Campus)