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Weekly School Updates

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Dear Waterview Community:

This has been another full week of Academic Ambition and Global Citizenship. Here are a few highlights to keep you updated.

Exchange Students - Monday

First thing on Monday morning, we had a welcome breakfast for our two 10th grade exchange students who arrived for their first day at DIS: Albane Ploix from Lycée Français Saint-Louis - Stockholm, Sweden, and Marie Simonneau from Fénelon Notre-Dame - La Rochelle, France. Our students made them feel welcomed and they are settling in well. We are all fortunate to spend time with these international students, learning about different cultures and ways of life. 

PSAT 8/9 Testing - Tuesday

Our 8th and 9th grade students took the PSAT 8/9 on Tuesday morning. There were around 70 students testing in four different locations, which took a lot of organization. A huge thank you to our Director of College Counseling, Sophia Peña, for taking care of this mammoth task.

Food Committee

You’ll be glad to know that our dishwasher is almost ready to go and we will be transitioning to proper plates soon. There are some special meals coming up on Pi Day - March 14; St. Patrick’s Day - March 17; and Francophonie Day on March 20. And the new menu also starts on the 20th. Our Waterview Food Committee meets every month, so please feel free to send any feedback to Kimberly Jenkins and Zsofia Kope. 

Young Entrepreneurs

Ms. Mattia’s Economics class has been busy working on launching a business and looking for investors. I attended one of these presentations and was impressed by the work of our young entrepreneurs. They had to come up with an idea, a business plan, advertising, design a business card, work out the costs and financing, and then convince the rest of the class to pick their company to invest in. I look forward to hearing which company attracted the most investors. 

Medieval Fair

Our 7th graders took us back to the Middle Ages in the MPR this Thursday, as they shared their displays and research with us. There were groups who explored music, fashion, art and literature, with games and quizzes to learn more about the medieval era, as well as crafts and food tasting. Students wore costumes for the occasion and parents were invited to attend. It was a great event and a huge thank you to Mme Masson and Mme Charles for spearheading this with the 7th grade team.


Our admissions department has been working extremely hard and we are excited to see how many students are applying to come to our school. We know we have a wonderful and special educational journey here at DIS, and it is exciting to see that more and more people are looking to join our community.

Inclusive Education

At DIS, we believe in academic ambition for all our students. We have ordered new materials in some of our classrooms to help students focus better. They are really enjoying having more flexible seating arrangements and a “concentration corner.” For more on this, please feel free to reach out to our Inclusive Education Coordinator, Brice Flaquière.

Voyage en France

Our 9th grade students will be heading across the Atlantic from March 22-30 with Mme Doux, Mr. Burtz and Coach Taylor. We are excited to be able to offer our students all these amazing trips and we are grateful for the tireless efforts of our teachers and our Trip Coordinator, Jennifer Carmichael. These trips and our Global Exchange Program are a fundamental part of our Global Citizenship and Leadership Program here at DIS. 

We’ll stop there for this week, but there are so many wonderful opportunities for your children here at DIS. We are so glad you have chosen us to accompany them on their educational journey.

Warm regards,