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Dear Churchill Community,

It was very exciting to celebrate our country of the year on St Patrick's Day. We had a wonderful Irish dance performance and I wanted to thank The McLane School of Irish Dance who made the event possible.

News from Churchill Campus 

CE2 and CM1 both participated in a virtual author visit with Marie Dorléans who wrote the book Nous avons rendez-vous (The Night Walk). She explained the process of writing a book and the students asked some very good questions. She also read a few passages from her other books to us. It was fantastic!

The CE2 Immersion students are preparing a presentation on the "Great Monuments of Europe." This is an opportunity to practice French while learning geography, especially about European capitals. They will have the opportunity to present their work to other classes at the lower school.

On Wednesday and Thursday, CE1 took a virtual field trip to Washington, D.C. complete with boarding passes and an imaginary flight. Each student constructed a suitcase to take with them that held all of the information that they were learning about, along with an aerial view of the monuments while landing. They visited the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the MLK Monument, the secret rooms in the White House, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and so much more. Their craft project was painting cherry blossoms using a paint bleeding technique.

In STEM, the week was dedicated to the first coding lesson. Children from kindergarten to CM1 were introduced to programming using the Bee-bot and the Pro-bot. These little robots allowed them to understand how to divide complex information into several steps.

CE2 is continuing to work on writing traits for sentence fluency. They are also working on producing evidence of reading by justifying answers using a text to answer comprehension questions.

GS started their garden project by planting potatoes. This project will continue with other vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, radishes and peas. They will also plant herbs and flowers. As an experiment, they will also use a greenhouse to compare with plants growing in the garden. 

Math Week

This week was Math Week for many students around the world. CE2 embarked on a week of enigmas to solve. CE2 and CM1 also took part in Le Kangourou des mathématiques this Thursday. The “Math Kangaroo" is a competition open to students from third grade through high school, and the contest is an opportunity to practice mathematics in a fun way. The test lasts 50 minutes and consists of 24 multiple-choice questions (16 questions for CE2) of increasing difficulty. For each question, five answers are offered with only one being correct. 

La grande lessive

On March 23, the whole campus will participate in La grande lessive, an art project that takes place around the world based on a different theme each year. Our students will create artwork in the form of drawings, paintings, photographs, digital images, collages, visual poetry or other techniques (all on sheets of A4 paper) and hang them on clotheslines outside - just like a “Big Laundry.”

Maternelle Field Day, April 7

Please mark your calendar for the Maternelle Field Day on April 7. We are very excited to announce this event for Maternelle. This will be an exciting moment for our students from TPS to GS and parents will be invited to join us on campus to cheer the children on. Further details will be shared with you very soon.

Thank you very much. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


Franck Philipp