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Dear Churchill Community,

February is a month when we celebrate the many things African Americans have done to help make the world a better place. Students were able to learn the history of famous African American inventors, writers and artists during our monthly assembly on Friday. At the end of the assembly students received a bracelet and a sticker in honor of Black History Month. It is an important moment of education for our community and events will continue next week.

News from Churchill Campus 

This has been the week of 100 days, and what a week it has been! Each day of the week was an occasion for Churchill students to celebrate the completion of 100 days of school.

On Thursday, Maternelle students started their day by gathering to take a group photo on the soccer field, nearly 200 students in all. This picture was taken by a drone and all of the students loved waving hello to this flying machine! 

The GS students also paraded in front of all the other Maternelle students. The theme of the parade: “100 objects on our outfit.” It was really fun! Many other activities in class followed and it was a great day overall.

The immersion classes also celebrated 100 days of school, with students from both Churchill immersion classes enjoying the chance to get together with the Waterview immersion students. The program included a group lunch, games and challenges - all in French. It was a great day full of richness and friendship!

In US Math, “Glow Days” were back on campus this year much to the excitement of our elementary students. With the help of our amazing room parents, the US Math classroom went through a fantastic transformation. Students in grades 1-4 reviewed concepts learned during the first 100 days of school. They worked through various learning stations centering on word problems, addition and subtraction strategies, measuring angles, and more. Once they completed their tasks, they could play glow-in-the-dark Jenga, bowling, Connect 4, and other fun games. Math was a lot of fun this week.

CE2 started this week with a 100 school days celebration: they made necklaces using 100 beads. They also visited the retirement home next door and shared love and friendship through different songs in different languages and also decorated the center with flowers. CE2 students discovered the story "Nous avons rendez-vous" written by Marie Dorléans and presented their own version of it with a different ending. The students will have a chance to meet the author on March 14th.

The CE1 students visited the WWR 101 classical radio station and the Dallas Fair Park Multimedia Center. This is linked to our web radio project. They visited the studios and learned how to record a session for the radio, discovering a world with a lot of microphones, computers, and CDs in the process. They even recorded their voices and learned how to modify them! At the media center, they learned about green screen technology, how to film with robots, and all about make-up and audio recording.

From Elizabeth Sham, Counselor

Guidance Lessons in February are focused on Honesty and Integrity. Here are some resources on Honesty for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, and Fourth grade.

Thank you very much. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


Franck Philipp