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Bertrand Ferret, CEO and Headmaster
Dr. Mehdi Lazar, Head of Primary School
Yohanis Mibrathu, Director of Preschool

Dr. Francois Pave, Deputy Head of Secondary
Zahra Boudaoui, Assistant to the Head of School & CEO/Registrar
Laura Margan, IB Coordinator

Tiffany Hartdegen, English/Spanish Pedagogical Coordinator

Dr. Mea Ahlberg, Director of Admissions
Thiri Caplinger, Admissions Assistant

Afterschool Programs

Sergio Franklin, Lower School Programs Coordinator

Maria Gdalina, Upper School Programs Coordinator


Jesse Llamas, Athletics Director

College Counseling

Jennifer Kim, College Counselor

Cari Shanks, Director of Communications
Trace Levos, Communications Assistant

Community Development

Lorraine Gachelin, Director of Community Development


Jennifer Kim, Upper School Counselor

Kelley Loyd, Lower School Counselor

Shirrayna Young, Lower Campus Nurse


Helena Banks, Director of Development

Kari Bird, Development Assistant

Laurent Lebaillif, Chief Financial Officer
Amber Shaikh, Accountant
Elisabeth Altunian, Accounts Payable/Purchasing Agent

Human Resources

Zilla Webb, Director of Human Resources

Information Technology
Douglas Lee, Director of Technology

Language Institute
Yohanis Mibrathu, Director of Language Institute/Language Camps
Aisha Dibaki, Language Institute Coordinator

Student Affairs
Shari Bow, Director of Student Affairs, Lower Campus

Sophie Davis, Head of Student Affairs, Upper Campus

Staff/Faculty Directory

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  • Equivalency of French Diplomas:

    • Most evaluators consider obtaining the French Baccalauréat equivalent to 24 credit hours, just like the International Baccalaureate.
    • The French Ministry of Education delivers 5 diplomas: DEUG or BTS (after 2 years), License (after 3 years) equivalent of an American Bachelor's, Maîtrise (after 4 years) equivalent of an American Master's and a Doctorat (after 5 to 6 years) equivalent of an American Doctorate.
    • To be certified by the French Ministry of Education, French teachers have to have at least a Licence (equivalent of a Bachelor) and go through a school called IUFM for two years. The first year is an academic year, where they have to take a competitive examination at the end of the year. If they succeed, they are accepted into the second year to complete the rest of the academic program and train in real-life classes as interns for a specified number of hours. If they are successful, they receive their certification diploma at the end of the second year. This certification is valid to teach pre-K through 5th grade for those who get the "Professeur des Ecoles " diploma, and to teach 6th through 12th grade for those who get the "Professeur Certifié" diploma for a specific subject in Secondary.
    • A "License" is an equivalent to an American Bachelor's; a "Maîtrise" is an equivalent to an American Master's; a "Doctorat" is an equivalent to an American Doctorate.
    • The "Professeur des Ecoles" diploma and "Professeur certifié" diploma are a two-year French teaching certification given by the French Ministry of Education.