DIS Party Board

The Party Board is back!  It’s easier than you think (and a pretty hefty fundraiser):
Net Proceeds:         2016:  $13,785                    2015:  $14,055                    2014:  $11,960
What is a Party Board?
It is a virtual bulletin board with a range of parties hosted during the school year. A DIS parent/teacher/family hosts a party for DIS children, families or adults, and donates the cost of a party. The Gala Committee sets the price per person to attend.  Tickets to the party are sold online with 100% of the proceeds going to the Gala fundraiser.
We are open to all party ideas.  Coordinators Natalia and Amy can provide info and suggestions based on past parties.  There is no need for anything expensive.  Feel free to host with a group of friends and have fun organizing together.
How and when can I buy tickets to a party?
Parties are available 24/7! Use the Eventbrite calendar on this page to shop parties or visit disparties.com to see our Eventbrite page.

Ready to host a party?
Excellent! Please contact Natalia and Amy to work out scheduling, promotion and sales.  Parties have significantly better success rates when planned and advertised well in advance.

Natalia Fisher: natalia@gorbash.us
Amy Marcuis: amarcuis@gmail.com
Past Party Ideas:
*Pinterest has no shortage of ideas
  • Cooking/baking
  • Lego parties
  • Swim parties
  • Scrapbooking
  • Adults-only dinner parties
  • Movie party/themed play date
  • Afternoon at the Arboretum
  • Bowling afternoons
  • Sports skills/activities
  • Soccer skills/soccer day camp
  • Holiday themed party
  • Russian party
  • Kentucky Derby party
  • Painting and snack
  • Spa day
  • Card making
  • Wine tasting
  • Murder mystery