Our parent volunteers are the heartbeat of our school. They give of their time and talents to work special events, serve on the PTO and special committees, and they share creative ideas that benefit our students love and build the DIS community. We couldn't do without you! 

If you are new to the school, haven't volunteered or would like to get involved, now is the perfect time to start! Contact Lorraine Gachelin, Director of Communications and Community Development, to learn more about our volunteer committees.

In addition to the committees, DIS holds various events throughout the year that need volunteer support to run smoothly. The annual fall carnival and spring gala are just two ofo the many popular events that enrich the community and provide fun for the whole family.

If you want to know how rewarding it truly is to be a DIS volunteer, read about some of our DIS community members' experiences. It's easy to see why volunteering and giving at DIS is so rewarding. 

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  • Natalie & Christopher Plumlee

    How long have you been at DIS? 

    Our son, Hamilton, started at DIS in Maternelle 1 when he was 3 years old.  So this year is our 8th year as part of the DIS Community.

    Why did you decide to come to DIS?  

    We both enjoy travel and have traveled abroad for personal and business reasons.  These experiences have helped to broaden and shape our perspectives.  We choose DIS because we desire for Hamilton to broaden his perspective and ways of thinking; better understand the global world in which we live; learn to respect, communicate, and connect with other cultures; and develop skills which will allow him to succeed and find happiness anywhere in the world.  We believe that DIS’ mission and core values will allow Hamilton to excel in these critical areas.
    How do you support DIS?

    Volunteer Activities: We have volunteered in various capacities over the years by serving as room parents, chaperoning class trips and field trips, sending emails to remind parents about the NTX giving, making calls to solicit donations for the NTX giving, etc.

    Vehicles for Giving (Annual Fund, NTX giving, Pledge, Expansion Plan, etc): Our family has always participated in the NTX giving and taken advantage of the corporate matching gift program to increase our personal contributions to DIS.   We believe in the core values and mission of DIS, so we have also encouraged our son to give so as to increase his commitment and focus to being a good citizen of the DIS Community.  
    Why do you choose to support DIS?  

    DIS’ billingual and multicultural curriculum is among the most rigorous and challenging in the nation.  We choose to give because as our world continues to develop, change, and grow, DIS will need more resources so that it doesnt become stagnant and it can continue to offer the best to our children. 
    What would you say to other parents, grandparents and DIS community members to motivate them to give? 

    DIS is a unique educational environment which prepares every child who enters into its doors to become global citizens and successfully compete in all arenas.  There is no better way to demonstrate your global citizenship than by giving of your time and/or money to further the DIS mission. 
    What changes/improvements/Impact have you seen as a direct result of your giving?  

    Since we have been a part of the DIS Community, we have seen many advancements to include growth in the enrollment numbers, the addition of the 2 year old educational program, upgrades in the physical facilities, increased in-class technology with the white boards and chrome books,  increased after-school course offerings, etc.

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