Nurse's Office

Ms. Lynsey Stacks is a dedicated and caring medical professional who serves as the nurse for both the upper and lower school campuses. Ms. Stacks spends four days per week at the lower campus and one day per week at the upper campus.

She is able to dispense medication, provide first aid treatment and help students feel their best so they can perform their best in and out of the classroom. Parents may contact Ms. Stacks with any questions or concerns that they might have about their child.

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Lower School Campus

6039 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230
Tel: (972) 991-6379; Fax: (972) 991-6608

Upper School Campus

17811 Waterview Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75252
Tel: (469) 250-0001; Fax: (214) 570-4900