Tuition Rates 2018-19

  Age Grade US Grade FR Early Rate* Regular Rate






  3 Pre-K3 PS $15,800 $16,300
  4 Pre-K4 MS $15,800 $16,300
  5 Kindergarten GS $15,800 $16,300






  7 2nd CE1 $17,100 $17,650
  8 3rd CE2 $17,100 $17,650
  9 4th CM1 $17,100 $17,650
  10 5th CM2 $17,100 $17,650

Secondary Middle School/
Secondaire Collège





  12 7th 5ème $18,800 $19,450
  13 8th 4ème $18,800 $19,450
  14 9th 3ème $18,800 $19,450

Secondary High School/
Secondaire Lycée





  16 11th 1ère $20,900 $21,600
  17 12th Terminale $20,900 $21,600

Tuition Payment Deadlines

June 15, 2018
60% of the annual tuition due, less the $1,000 deposit

January 15, 2019
40% of the annual tuition due

*To qualify for the Early Tuition Rate, you must return the Tuition Agreement form with the $1,000 deposit by:

February 15, 2018
Current DIS students

March 23, 2018
New Students

Textbooks are provided by DIS and are included in the cost of tuition. Lunch, uniforms, after hours care, and optional After School Activities are not included.

Smart Tuition

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Financial Aid

For each year that financial assistance is offered at Dallas International School (DIS), there is an application process which begins in November and applies to the tuition for the following school year. Financial Aid is available to students who have applied, been accepted and are enrolled at DIS. 

If you have received financial aid in the past, you must reapply. Financial aid does not carry forward automatically and receiving aid in the past does not automatically qualify you to receive aid again.

The application process requires registering with an external evaluator that helps in evaluating the financial situation of each family. Our new external evaluator is Smart Aid, in conjunction with Smart Tuition, which is now the tuition management site required by DIS.

Among the documents required by DIS for the application process is a copy of the family's latest tax return. The deadline for all the application steps to be completed, and all the documents requested to be provided to DIS, is March 31.

contact Amber Shaikh by email if you would like to receive Financial Aid information for the upcoming school year. The requested information will contain step by step details of the application procedure.

Decisions will be communicated at the end of May to those families who have fully completed the Financial Aid application process.

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