Why DIS?

Our world has become global. As your children grow, they will not only be citizens of their own country, but of the world. As global citizens they will need new skills. They will face daily challenges that previous generation may not have experienced. The ability to understand, communicate and work among other cultures is becoming more important every day.

Core Philosophy
Dallas International School focuses on the students’ ability to learn academically, physically, and emotionally by promoting an environment that is classical in education, disciplined in work, respectful of institution, physical in activity, and innovative in spirit.

Academics Have Purpose
We believe in creating a learning environment where students are challenged to excel with academic purpose. Education in the early formative years must be familial, encouraging, and small in classroom size. As students progress, confidence in their language, math, and science skills builds until they become aware that imparted knowledge has purpose in an innovative world. Although testing is classical and rigorous, the governing pedagogical board maintains a unique flexibility to adapt additional coursework to the marketplace and the demands of universities.

Global Opportunities
We believe students must be prepared for all domestic and international higher educational institutions and have a mastery of critical thinking and problem solving in order to live and compete in our dynamic world. We offer world-renowned, accredited high school degree programs including the International Baccalaureate and the prestigious French Baccalaureate. Students are immersion-taught in French and English with at least one additional language such as Spanish, Chinese or German.

Good Citizenship
We believe that a curriculum must include what it means to be a good citizen in our local and increasingly global community. Students must be taught cultural awareness, tolerance for others, and be instilled with a profound sense of generosity to all humans. We proudly require community service and promote volunteerism through on-campus activities and philanthropy.


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