Primary School

At our primary school, we are determined to deliver excellent instruction, where safety, respect, accountability, support and excellence are highly evident. While academic success is important, we recognize that human values are also required to be successful. We are creating a unique culture of respect, empathy, integrity, responsibility and resilience.

The DIS curriculum is organized in a system of cycles, providing the flexibility necessary to accommodate children's diversity, their expectations and rate of development. Cycles with their set objectives help keep an overall continuity and smooth progression in the learning process.

The primary school curriculum relies on the traditional essentials of reading, writing and mathematics. Because of our international community, we also stress social skills, social studies and core values. French is not simply a subject but also one of the two main languages of instruction. Two teachers are assigned to every class, one a native French speaker and the other a native English speaker. In addition, a teaching assistant is always present in the preschool classrooms. As part of the curriculum, starting in Pre-K2, Spanish is offered for a half day each week to Spanish native speakers, and starting in Pre-K4 a half day each week to all returning preschoolers. English and French are taught equally. All students in Kindergarten and up also benefit from a bilingual hour, during which both the French and English-speaking teachers are in the classroom, helping students work on their bilingual skills.

Every classroom is outfitted with an interactive whiteboard and projector, and each member of our teaching team skillfully integrates technology in daily learning to maximize student participation and critical thinking.