French Baccalaureate (FB)

In France, the Baccalaureate is considered the first university level diploma. This is why the Bachelor's degree in France is granted after three years, while in the U.S. it takes four years. Recognized as one of the most demanding programs, the French Baccalaureate gives graduates access, and often credits, to higher education systems worldwide.

In 9th grade (Classe de Troisième), students take the exams of the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB). This track continues through the end of 10th grade, at which point students formally commit to either the French Baccalaureate Diploma Program or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The French Baccalaureate program provides a balanced education with a broad-based curriculum. Our school offers the two sections of the Baccalauréat général, S (Sciences & Mathematics) and ES (Economics & Social Sciences), within which the following courses are offered: French literature, English literature, Mathematics, Biology/Geology, Physics/Chemistry, Philosophy, History/Geography, an additional modern Foreign Language and Physical Education.

• The Baccalauréat S offers a strong emphasis on mathematics and sciences. It is tailored for students who want to major in fields of medicine, engineering, or sciences.
• The Baccalauréat ES is recommended for students who plan to major in economics or law. It provides a strong foundation in humanities, math and foreign languages.