DIS and University of Texas, Dallas’ Engineering Research Team Up on a Virtual Field Trip To Understand Fluid Dynamics.

Dallas International School and University of Texas Dallas came together as part of its ongoing strategic collaboration to offer DIS students the opportunity to learn more about the world of physics.  10th, 11th and 12th grade students attended a virtual field trip, getting a sneak peek of what graduate students studying engineering at UT Dallas were currently working on. 
Hosted by Dr. Yaquing Jin, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas Dallas and his PhD students, the virtual field trip invited graduate students to demonstrate a few of the areas they were conducting research on including how particles of sand and sediment move about the bottom of a river bed due to disturbances from the tail of a fish, or what the best angle to place a windmill to get the most out of energy for an entire wind farm.
Organised by Mr. Douglas Lee, Director of Technology / Computer Science and Engineering at DIS added: “We look forward to our continued collaboration with UT Dallas and have the opportunity for our high schoolers to visit the lab – and even the BLAST wind tunnel in the near future.” especially with the researchers in the building next to our campus.”
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