The Satisfaction of Breaking a Code At a Francophone Cryptography Competition.

8th and 9th grade students in their final Math class of the year at DIS took part in the Al-Kindi competition yesterday, a Francophone event that brings together more than 60,000 students each year from French schools in France and all over the world to celebrate the art of coding. Students who crack the most puzzles eventually qualify for the finals that will take place in May 2021.  
Given the current conditions, students both online and in-class were asked to solve each puzzle by themselves. They were presented with eight different codes to solve in 45 minutes. Each time a code is solved, students then had to break even more challenging codes allowing them to accumulate points along the way. The number of points earned gave students a ranking based on how well they performed.
Cyrian Burgaud, a 9th grade student enjoyed the event and added: "The Al Kindi contest is a logic contest and I like it very much. I also liked the originality of the exercises."
Also known as Cryptography, code breaking involves an encrypted message in which letters are replaced with other characters. The goal is to decode the encrypted contents using a grid or table that helps to define how the letters are transposed.
Jean-Baptiste, French Math teacher at DIS said: “It takes a bit of intuition and methodology to crack these codes. Our students and myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I look forward to getting my students more involved in initiatives like these in the coming year.”

The next round of the competition takes place in February 2021 with pre third round taking place in March til April.  For more information, please visit:
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