2nd Graders (CE1) Put on a Magical Trilingual Performance to Celebrate the End of Year.  

Students at Churchill campus filled our hearts with warmth and joy as second graders (CE1) performed a repertoire of songs in French, Spanish and English for their parents sitting remotely at home. 
Classic French songs including Quel Bazar, Chez Zoe, La Vie, C’est Comme Un Jardin, Les Enfants de la Terre were performed followed by Happy New Year and Jingle Bells sung in a combination of all three languages.
Students also made holiday masks and had the chance to learn how to make les Sablés, French traditional cookies. Given the ingredients and a cookie cutter, students were excited to take them home to try and bake themselves.
Ms. Caroline Fievet, French teacher at DIS noted: “It was a fun day for everybody where students felt they were able to celebrate the winter festivities through the eyes of three different cultures. Thank you to the Room Parent Coordinators who prepared a little breakfast for the class on the day.”
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