Feel Warm and Happy by Spreading the Love and Kindness in Our Community.

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have believed that happiness is found in helping others. While we are faced with an unavoidable situation in our lives, Kelley Loyd, our student counselor at Churchill Campus reminds us that by exercising “Acts of Kindness” to help others especially during the festive season can help our students feel better about themselves.  

Create a colorful window display for your neighbors to see as they walk by your house with an inspiring message. Before working on the display, ask each other how sharing kind inspiring messages can create a more accepting and loving community.

We have attached a Holiday Window Message printable that says: “YOU ARE LOVED”. This is a great activity that you and your child can work on together during a time of year that is typically a season of cheer.
Put a smile on our neighbor’s face as they see your wondrous displays. Enjoy the warm feelings you get from knowing you made somebody’s day better.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your work so that we can share with the DIS community at news@dallasinternationalschool.org
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