First Grade (CP) Student Raises Money To Help Beirut Community Amidst Explosion Aftermath.

As the people of Beirut city struggle to take back their lives and homes following the horrific explosion that happened on August 4 earlier this year, Jana Moussalli, first grade (CP) student decided that she would raise money to help the desperate lives of many by making and selling custom face mask necklaces. 
Lina Hage-Chahine, mother of Jana said: “With Lebanon already facing political and financial turmoil, the pandemic has added immense strain on the country and its people. I am very proud of Jana in putting this project together. Although she does not quite understand how much she is raising, she does however, feel that she is doing something good to help the desperate lives of many.”
Jana has already made over 50 face mask necklaces and raised over $700 since she decided to set up the fundraise project earlier this month.
Lina added: “We are incredibly thankful for the DIS community for their generous contribution to the cause.”
All of Jana’s proceeds are going to the Lebanese Red Cross that will then be used to support as many as 500,000 people who are in need of immediate assistance from food, clothing to shelter.  

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