DIS COVID-19 Policy Updated

Please note that we have since updated our COVID-19 policy guide. We urge the community to take the time to read the updates to ensure that we are all doing our bit to help protect each other during a period where infected cases are on the rise.
It is important to stress the need to stay at home if a member of your family is being tested for COVID-19. The school should be notified if a family member is being tested either for COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to someone who has been tested positive. If the family member is still waiting for the test results, your child should remain at home until the results confirm negative. We will require a medical form to verify that your child is safe to return to school.
These updates have also been reflected in the guide currently available on our website here.  Please refer to page 7-8 for the latest updates.
Help reduce the impact the cold and flu season by following health authority recommendations. 

 If a student is asymptomatic, but has gotten a positive COVID test, that person should not come back to campus until 10 days have passed. 

 If a false positive is suspected and the student wants to return to campus, a doctor's note is required stating that he/she is negative. (A specific diagnosis is not required). Alternatively, the school will require a medical note that verifies that the students has taken two tests showing negative results least 24 hours apart. 

This does NOT change the quarantine period for a student identified as a close contact.  That time period is still 14 days because infection may occur at any point during that time.   

If a child is sick and out of school, please notify Student Affairs and the nurse. The school will require the student to send a medical note to confirm that he or she is safe to return to school.

Heavy cold symptoms:A student with heavy cold symptoms such as deep uncontrollable coughing or significant lack of energy belongs at home even without a fever.  

Please note that Dallas International School also follows guidelines for exclusion from and readmission to school as recommended by the Texas Department of State Health Services for communicable diseases for schools in the state of Texas. 

Strep throat: Students must stay at home until 24 hours after the first dose of antibiotic and is fever free. The school will require the student to send in a medical note to confirm that he or she is safe to return to school.

What is the definition of ‘close contact?
The TEA guidance is aligning with the recent CDC change defining a close contact as someone who was within 6 feet of a positive case for a total of 15 minutes, not just 15 consecutive minutes. 

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