Over 100 Artwork Pieces Submitted by Students at Waterview Campus to Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Artistic talent continues to shine with our students at Dallas International School as over 100 drawings and art pieces were submitted to the Student Life department this week as part of the DIS House contest.  Students went to work expressing their artistic imagination and creating something that reminded them of Thanksgiving. Click here to see the winners.
First place in the Fall Drawing category went to Lucia Del Valle Rivas in 8th grade who created a stunning mosaic autumn tree. Catherine Huang (11th grade) followed in second place drew an impressive anime of a family at a Thanksgiving meal in a contemporary setting.  First place in the Best Turkey Drawing category went to Catherine Desmond (8th grade) followed by Ainsley Humphries (5th grade).  Each winner will be awarded 100 points to their respective houses. 20 points will also be awarded to all other participants for their efforts. You will be able to view all student’s artwork in the MPR next week.
Congratulations to the Churchill, Da Vinci, Monet and Jeanne d’Arc houses as well as all other participants who took part. Keep up the Tigre team spirit!
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