Keep Your House Well Ventilated This Thanksgiving.

Public health officials according to leading media sources are urging families to keep celebrations small, avoid mixing households and open the windows.
With infection rates rampantly moving across the country, and death rates of more than 235,000, health experts believe that small gatherings at home is fueling the spread of COVID-19 mainly caused by poorly ventilated homes. Many homes typically don’t have the mechanical ventilation systems that most office building, hospital and restaurants have. Indoor air changes far more slowly leaking through small cracks or gaps around windows and doors. Many homes are actually sealed up tight to make them more energy efficient. What can we do to do our part to curb the spread this Thanksgiving?
  • Scale-back your Thanksgiving: have fewer people.
  • Keep the house well ventilated by opening windows. The wider windows are open, the better in every room if possible. If it is cold outside, turn up the heat.
  • Turn up exhaust fans typically found in bathrooms and kitchen stoves. These precautions can help combined with opened windows.
  • Invest in a portable air cleaner large enough for the room. Alternatively, consider multiple air cleaners for a larger room.
  • Do NOT use a regular fan. It will only move air around the room increasing health risks to people if someone is infected.
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