Spanish Honor Society Kicks Off with Goal to Celebrate the Wonders of Hispanic Culture at DIS

With more than 20 Spanish speaking countries and 329 million native Spanish speakers in the world, it is of no surprise why high school students in 11th and 12th grades have decided to get back together this year to keep the Spanish Honor Society going.

Claire Pettit, the president of the society said: “The word ‘Hispanic’ embraces a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures making the term all the more fascinating. Countries from Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba to Mexico may speak the same language but also have the most distinguished cultures that are so unique to each nation’s identity. To keep the Spanish Honor Society going will be a great way to showcase the nuanced cultures of Hispanic countries.”
Even with the heavy academic schedules, students are already busy making plans to put their mission into practice. From re-launching the Spanish Hispanic Honor (HSS) Review, a monthly magazine that students are welcome to subscribe, to putting together a series of informational posters that can be placed around the Waterview campus, both students and Spanish teachers are excited to be part of this initiative.
If you have an interest in Hispanic culture and would like to get involved with celebrating its heritage with the community, get in touch with the society’s president at
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