Ways to Stay Active and Motivated in Times of Uncertainty.

As the festive season kicks off and there being restrictions in where we can go due to COVID-19, staying active and maintaining good health can be a challenge. Working from home with limited access to fitness facilities makes it hard to stick to a workout routine. As the week and months drag on, mental health studies have found that our stress and anxiety levels have increased and even brought on feelings of depression. So what can we do to motivate ourselves during a time of great uncertainty? Here are a couple of ideas to have you take control of your mood once again:
1. Focus on activities that you enjoy most. Even if it’s 15 minutes a few times a week. It’s a small step in the right direction. Over time, you will build on the workout routine.
2. Fix it in your calendar as a regular appointment so you are less likely to cancel it. The same idea would apply if you had scheduled a dentist appointment. You are more likely to fulfill the obligation even if you are busy or didn’t feel like it at the time.
3. Give yourself with a non-food reward:  Celebrate your successes because you deserve it. Some people might want to treat themselves with their favorite Pumpkin Latte, while others have found even more creative ways to stay motivated while maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Take a selfie to celebrate your progress and post on social media to celebrate with your friends.
  • Unwind with a movie that you have been wanting to see but never had the time before.
  • Sign up for a charity walk or event.
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Plan your vacation. (OK. At least you can start dreaming about one for now!)

4. Be outside as much as possible: take a walk, jog or ride a bike. Just remember to wear a mask and maintain a safe social distance from others, The fresh air and sunshine will provide a further boost to your mental health. 
5. Try something new: this is your chance now to try something you have been meaning to try but never had the time. Perhaps, you used to do a sport when you were younger but life got in the way and have not been able to carry on since. With the diverse range of sporting activities available in the area, there is really something for everyone.
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