Fifth Graders (CM2) Support the BYO Cutlery Movement to Help Solve the Plastic Crisis

Fifth grade students at Waterview have recently started a pilot environmental program that encourages their peers to carry their own utensils in efforts to reduce huge volumes of plastic waste that is rapidly eroding the environment we live. The program aims to create a holistic culture of bringing your own knives, forks, spoons and even napkins at school so that as a community, everyone can make a difference. If the pilot program proves successful, there are plans to make this a school-wide program.

Mrs. Alix Laforest, Waterview’s librarian and Green Programs coordinator said: “It is humbling to see our students recognizing the need to take action over the plastic crisis that we face in the world today. Their ability to understand that measures we take to protect our environment has long term impact is really impressive. Their views on why they believe it is important to do their part particularly during a pandemic shows their awareness of the problem and eagerness for change. I am proud of our students.”
According to the Ocean Conservancy, cutlery is listed as among the items “most deadly” to sea turtles, birds, and mammals.  Here are three things you can do to support the BYO Cutlery Movement:


  1. Carry reusable cutlery.
  2. If you use disposable cutlery, make sure it's made of a biodegradable or compostable material.
  3. Choose to eat at establishments that don't use plastic utensils.
We would like to thank the fifth grade teachers, Sophie Damour and Alix Laforest for helping their students make this program a reality.

To learn more about the plastic crisis, click here.
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