And The Pumpkin Contest Winners Go to …..

As the week’s Halloween festivities came to a close, students at the Waterview campus were up for the challenge to carve and decorate pumpkins with the hope of earning points for their respective houses. 30 pumpkin masterpieces were entered into the contest and both students and teachers voted for the pumpkin that caught their eye.
Yann Germe from the Da Vinci house won the category for the scariest pumpkin. Elsa Lumbroso from the Disney House won the category for the Most Creative while Pablo Del Valle Rivas from the Monet House won in the category for the Funniest Pumpkin design. Special mentions were also awarded to house officers, Camie Hernandez (Da Vinci house), Simone Drechsler (Disney house) and Ellie Brown (Jeanne d’Arc house) for their  intricate carving skills and creation. The winners of each of these houses have earned themselves 200 points while 100 points were awarded to the Special Mentions.
Kudos to the Student Governing Association (SGA)  and Sophie Damour for making the initiative a great success. Allez les Tigres!
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