What’s in a cartoon according to fourth graders at Dallas International School?

Transferring knowledge and appreciation for France’s cultural heritage.
In efforts to preserve and transfer the wonders of France’s artistic and cultural heritage, fourth grade (CM1) students recently embarked on a meaningful project with Ms. Melanie to understand what cartoons and comic illustrations meant to them. Working together with Hubert Maury, a recognized French comic illustrator, students took the time to look at some of France’s cultural elements that make up the nation’s rich history and unique identity. 

In sharing their ideas, one student noted how cartoons were a great way to enjoy reading stories and escape “a une autre galaxie.” Others said that cartoons reminded them of characters (The Smurfs, Garfield, TomTom and NANA) that they were first introduced to when they were younger and are still part of their lives today.

The creative work of our students have since been recognized by the Heritage and Civilization Association and can be seen on their social pages and website. Bravo les élèves!
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