Discover High School at DIS Provides Insight into the High School Experience at Dallas International School

On October 19, Dallas International School held Discover High School at DIS. Parents of students who are nearing high school were invited to attend the special virtual event. DIS high school students, staff and faculty attended the event to discuss the high school experience as a Dallas International School Tigre. Juniors and seniors spoke about student life and preparing for college, and staff discussed the IB and FB curriculums, extracurricular activities and athletics.
Some of Dallas International School’s best and brightest high school students were in attendance to provide insight to those attending the event as they shared their experiences. Many students discussed the doors DIS has opened for them and the future opportunities they have received from the education DIS has provided them. Students shared their experiences being inducted into national honor societies, being nationally recognized athletes, and interning with multinational companies.
Other students in attendance expressed the skills they have obtained through an education at Dallas International School. Some students shared how the foreign exchange program with DIS opened up a world of new experiences, and how the immeasurable lifelong skills of fluency in a second and third foreign language allowed them to see the world in a new light. Some students explained how participation in the multitude of extracurricular activities offered and athletic runs at national championships caught the attention of both American and international universities for future educational opportunities.

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