Dallas International School Teacher Incorporates Growth Mindset Strategies into Daily Lessons to Promote Student Resilience

Working on cultivating the confidence and emotional well-being of students, Dallas International School CE2 (third grade) English Teacher, Grace Komayombi, has been incorporating growth mindset strategies and social/emotional learning into her daily lessons. Wanting everyone to feel confident as they continue to adapt to on-campus learning while using our hybrid learning models, Ms. Komayombi has been working to make this experience as comfortable as possible for her students.
Using growth mindset practices, Ms. Komayombi has been incorporating activities, such as creating posters to show what resiliency means to students, into her teachings. Activities like these drive motivation and encourage achievement. “The growth mindset theory will continue to be taught to students and revisited throughout the year to encourage and instill resilience in my students. They are enjoying these activities and continue to become more confident and self-assured each day,” adds Ms. Komayombi. Click here to learn more about growth mindset.

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