Dallas International School Seniors Share Memories During New Event Created to Enrich Senior Experience

Working to give our 2021 graduating class a special senior year during such unprecedented times, Student Life Coordinator at Dallas International School, Sophie Damour, organized the very first Senior Sunrise. Eighteen seniors attended the socially distanced breakfast at our Waterview campus soccer field. Students enjoyed their meal and shared memories with peers as they watched the sun rise. Chaperoned by Coach Sergio, Ms. Laforest, Ms. Boudaoui, and Ms. Damour, students had a blast catching up with friends. 

As part of an initiative to create a memorable senior year for graduating students, Ms. Damour has been planning a variety of socially distanced events and activities for students over the coming months. Understanding that senior year can be difficult for students with preparing for college and knowing they will soon part with their friends and peers, adding the COVID-19 pandemic to such a milestone year in a student's life could be overwhelming. Ms. Damour wanted to create a series of positive memories for the class of 2021 and help them progress through this unprecedented time.