DIS Welcomes Top Educators from Around the World as New Academic Year Commences

Renowned for offering a global mindset and international education, Dallas International School continues to provide one of the best educational experiences. Offering a multi-cultural experience, DIS continues to grab the attention of top educators all over the country and beyond, and this academic year is no different. 

This year, DIS welcomes all our new staff and faculty members who, despite joining us during such unprecedented times, plan on making this year an amazing experience for our DIS students and families. Attracting talent nationwide and abroad this year, DIS welcomes new Waterview campus nurse, Theresa
Grimberg, new Waterview Student Affairs Coordinator, Jeanette Dickey, FB History/Geography teacher,
Jeanne Lebourg, IB teacher, William Marzen, Economics teacher, Laure Mattia, IB English teacher,
Angela Parman, IB Biology teacher, Debbie Pucci, English Curriculum Development Coordinator, Wendy
DeSpain, Spanish teacher, Norma Carrillo, CM1 English teacher, Cassandra Schaffer, CE1 English teacher,
Judith Peacock, new AVS Student Support/Tutor, Edwige Yolande Ndome Moudio, and new substitute
teacher, Florence Mellon.
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