Supporting Your Child's Mental Health as They Return to On-Campus Learning During COVID-19

As Dallas International School prepares students to return to on-campus learning on September 8, we understand the amount of anxiety students may face while attempting to readjust to being physically on campus during the time of a pandemic. While some students may welcome this return to social bonds and interactions with peers and teachers again, many students may feel stressed or frightened of what’s to come. 
DIS Churchill Counselor, Kelley Loyd, has been hard at work, preparing for a return to on-campus learning. Ms. Loyd is ready to interact with students and provide mental and emotional support to the DIS student body when they return on September 8. No stranger to counseling children coping with stress and anxiety, Kelley is fully equipped with new ideas and procedures she plans to implement to ensure students remain happy, healthy and productive.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has discovered several approaches to assist students with the notion of returning to campus despite uneasy thoughts and feelings. Transparent conversation and reassurance with children is an ideal way to begin putting their worries about returning to school to rest. Reminding children of the positive aspects of a return to campus may help ease fears, and remaining empathetic will provide a healthy channel for conversation that can disarm children.
For children who worry about safety inside their learning institution, reaffirming healthy behavior at home can prepare students and get them in the habit of good practices ahead of their return to campus. Encourage regular handwashing, urge children to carry hand sanitizer with them when possible, discuss how to identify the signs of feeling ill, and teach children to incorporate physical distancing into their daily routine at school. To learn more about other approaches UNICEF shares on supporting you child’s mental health as they prepare to return to school, click here.

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