Waterview Campus Welcomes New House System and Portal to Develop Camaraderie and Identity for DIS Students

With a brand new house system for the 2020-2021 academic year, Dallas International School Waterview Student Life Coordinator, Sophie Damour, has been providing Waterview students with creative and fun new ways to discover which house they will be a part of this year. Creating the website DIShouses.org, Sophie has provided a resource for all the information students need on learning about and discovering which houses they will be inducted into.
With a new house system comprising of colors (red, orange, green, purple, blue and yellow), students can access riddles and quizzes on the new website that they can solve to discover their house. Over a thousand quizzes have already been taken with students highly anticipating their house for the new school year. Throughout the year, students will have opportunities to earn points for their house by attending events, winning competitions and exhibiting academic excellence. At the end of the academic year, points will be tallied for each house and the winning house will trophy and retain bragging rights.

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