Celebrating Dallas International School's Country of the Year by Connecting with Students from Argentina

On Monday, June 1, to celebrate Argentina as the Country of the Year at Dallas International School (DIS), Patricia de Villiers and her English students held a virtual session with a class of students from Colegio de la Ciudad in Argentina.
The cultural exchange aimed to give DIS students an authentic account of life as a student living in Argentina given the limitation of the travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Patricia de Villiers, English teacher at DIS, said, “The virtual cultural exchange was a creative way to give students the next best opportunity to appreciate the unique culture of a foreign country. While current circumstances have unfortunately prevented our students from getting direct firsthand experience by visiting the country, we are still incredibly fortunate to be able to tap into the sister schools that form part of the DIS global network. We hope that it won’t be long before our students will be able to embark on our student travel exchange programs, so that we can continue to promote understanding of other countries to drive our mission at Dallas International School.”
With the opportunity to directly speak to peers of the same age group, both DIS and Colegio de la Ciudad students demonstrated great curiosity for one another’s way of life. Questions relating to school subjects, electives and types of sports played were asked during the session. In turn, students from Colegio de la Ciudad school were also keen to understand about life in the US, asking questions ranging from cuisines available, the type of music that young people listened, and current TV programs that were popular. 

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