Two 9th Grade Students Share Powerful Message Living Through COVID-19 Pandemic in ‘Slam-Poésie’ style

In unprecedented times, we are all courageously navigating through unchartered waters despite the impact the pandemic has had in all spheres of life.

Two DIS 9th grade students, Noam Eberhard Bensaid and Roman Gerst, recently wrote and delivered a poignant piece of Slam Poetry in French titled, “Terminus Virus,” during to give their perspective on how COVID-19 has completely altered our lives and the course of history forever. Identifying the struggles and pain that we are all having to experience, the piece also gives a message of hope that, “once the worst is over, our efforts will be rewarded. We will be new together, we will rejoice through dancing. There will be time for celebration.” Click here to watch.
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