Dallas International School Surprises Faculty and Staff with Deliveries to Show Gratitude for Such a Spectacular Academic Year

Throughout the academic year, Dallas International School staff and faculty have devoted countless hours to the education and maturation of DIS students. 

Teachers and staff have dedicated numerous classes, projects, experiments and field trips to ensuring students receive the best quality education possible. With bumps in the road over the course of the year, including the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and sudden transition to virtual learning, our teachers have adapted and continued showing their fierce Tigre spirit.
To show our DIS staff and faculty how much they mean to us, the administration team recently hand delivered PTO-designed yard signs and gifts to all our teachers and teaching assistants. Reminding our staff and faculty that their good deeds never go unnoticed and voicing our gratitude for their selflessness all year long, the administration team was met with many smiles and overwhelming joy as they surprised staff. We would like to thank the DIS faculty for doing such an amazing job this academic year, always demonstrating the core values we aim to instill in students.
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