Celebrating Senior Week with the DIS Graduating Senior Class of 2020

Throughout the week of May 11-15, Dallas International School celebrated its graduating senior class of 2020 with Senior Week.

Senior Week is a special week where our seniors participate in activities and receive congratulatory surprises daily to commemorate their final days before graduation. DIS took this week to show our graduating seniors how proud we are that they are at the finish line and how much they have proven they truly represent what it means to be a Tigre.
In the face of adversity, these young men and women have completed their academic year despite the speed bumps of the coronavirus and social distancing, and have become stronger because of the trials and tribulations they have faced. To express how we feel about our graduating senior class, student and alumni volunteers surprised our seniors at their homes with deliveries of goodie bags, Tiff’s Treats, and special cap and diploma decorated cupcakes to brighten up their day.
Head of Counseling, Jennifer Kim, has been especially hard at work over the course of Senior Week to ensure our class of 2020 knows how much they mean to DIS. Wanting to remind them of how important this moment is in their lives, Jennifer shares with our seniors, “Four years later, you have formed lifelong bonds, committed to wonderful institutions, and get ready to start a new chapter in your life. Congratulations! You did it with spectacular success, and I know that I am not alone in being so proud of you!”
Congratulations to the graduating senior class of 2020!

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