Update on distance learning plan - Maternelle & Primary

Franck Philipp
Message from M. Philipp to the Maternelle & Primary DIS community
Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to thank everyone for your support. I would also like to recognize the tremendous work that has been achieved by the DIS team, teachers, staff, and IT support.

After three weeks of distance learning, considering the feedback from our community but also our sister schools around the world, we have decided to implement some changes. We wish those changes to be of reduced impact on the routines we have already set up. We want them to be helpful and better answer the different needs of our students and families.
Our main goal is to ensure the pedagogical continuity for all of our students and their well being while trying to accommodate our online teaching system to the different needs of our families.

To better answer your questions I will schedule Grade Level Parents meetings to better answer your specific questions or concerns. You will receive detailed information very soon.

Therefore, we have made some modifications in the schedules:  Please, understand that the schedules might still evolve as we need to adapt along the way. 

Link to the recording of the virtual assembly of Wednesday, April 8th is available here. (if the link is not working, try to download the file and it should be working properly)

What we have added :

Maternelle (TPS-MS)
  • Small groups instruction.(Teachers will send you information about what group your child is in)
  • A time of regroupement in the afternoon (Storytime)

  • Small groups instruction.
  • Extended time: Teacher available online (9:30-10:30)

Elementary :

  • Extended time: Teacher available online (9:30-10:30)

You will find the link to the new schedules in the same document already shared with you. : Student and Parent Distance Learning Packet

The new schedules will be implemented after the break. Small groups instruction times are available per grade level on the different worksheets at the bottom of the document called Maternelle and Elementary Schedule. Teachers will send you information about what group your child is in.

New Resources for Parents and students : 

Kelley Loyd has created resources for you and the students.
Padlet's are set to "public" so anyone can access them. You will find resources, website links, student activities, and educational posts for parents. 
The "Core Values" padlet is set to private and you need a password to access. The password is: character (all lower case). This is because we only want the DIS community to be able to comment and share thoughts about the lessons. The link and QR code to access this private padlet is below (using the password). Once you add it, it will show up each time you access the main DISChurchill padlet.   
I have also created padlet's with information for Maternelle & Elementary that are accessible from the main DISChurchill padlet. 
You will also find the link to the padlets in the same document already shared with you. : Student and Parent Distance Learning Packet
Let me know if you have any questions,

Franck Philipp
Head of Primary/Directeur de l'école primaire
Churchill Campus

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