Nurse Phil Volunteers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano to Support Understaffed Healthcare Community

Over the past few weeks since Dallas International School announced the closure of its school campuses, DIS Nurse, Philemon Nichol, has since been using his down time to volunteer at The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. Volunteering at the same hospital where his mother works as a nurse in Oncology, he signed up as soon as he realized that health care professionals were in shortage as cases of patients confirmed with Coronavirus continued to rise.
Finding it important to help at such a time where hospitals are understaffed and health care professionals are scarce; Nurse Phil feels a sense of accomplishment in giving care to the many patients who are in need. When asked if he had any worries about volunteering at such a time, Phil finds solace in helping others, saying, “I absolutely have worries. However, it is necessary for medical workers in the community to join the fight against this virus. Applying my skills and knowledge to help those in need is the best thing for me to do with my time right now.”
Nurse Phil hopes to share the knowledge gained from this experience with the community at Dallas International School where it will allow him to return to school and be able to put in place firmer policies that promote better hygiene habits in the classroom and around campus. “Gaining firsthand experience being on the front line during unprecedented times will help to give better guidance to parents on what they can do at home to keep the virus at bay,” states Phil.
Until we return to campus, Nurse Phil would like to remind the DIS community to stay home. “The best advice I can give to students and staff right now is to stay home and wash your hands. Anyone can get the virus, young or old. Please practice social distancing and proper hygiene to ensure we all remain healthy,” urges Phil.

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