Welcoming New College Counselor, Mr. Casey Gendason

Dallas International School is pleased to welcome Mr. Casey Gendason, the new College Counselor. Mr. Gendason joined the DIS family with an impressive presentation delivered at the virtual parent assemblies earlier this week. He will begin by working directly with upper school students and parents, guiding them through the college application process and beyond.
Well-versed in the education field of college counseling, Mr. Gendason served as the Associate Director of College Counseling for St. Mark’s School of Texas for 16 years. Prior to this, Mr. Gendason was the Undergraduate Admissions Officer at the University of Emory, where he also completed his Bachelor’s degree and held a number of prestigious posts within the university. He also holds a Master’s degree in Education from Southern Methodist University.
As an established professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the education field, Mr. Gendason brings with him a strong network of college and university admission officers from all over the world. DIS is confident that Mr. Gendason will be an asset to our school and students as we shape the next chapter of the school’s college counseling program. With his unique background and skills, we are excited to welcome Mr. Gendason to assist our young juniors and seniors through the difficult journey of college applications and standardized tests. To listen to Mr. Casey’s presentation, please click here for 7th-10th grade and here for 11th grade. 

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