New Dean of Students, Coach Chuck, Shares Future Plans for DIS

Always at the forefront of ensuring students receive the best possible care and leadership through the highest quality faculty and staff, Dallas International School is proud to announce Selcuk Caglar’s acceptance of the role of Dean of Students at our Waterview campus. (Click here to watch Coach Chuck) 
Having been a student-favorite and mainstay at our Waterview campus for almost three years, we are proud to welcome Coach Chuck into his new role where he will develop and implement ongoing student programming that is both fun and builds community. “I want to drive more community spirit at DIS. What we have so far has been good, and I want us to be great. Only with great community spirit can we really see effective change for the better,” states Coach Chuck.
With a head full of new ideas and concepts he would like to bring to fruition in the coming months, Coach Chuck is excited to inspire Waterview students and motivate them to become the best young adults they can be. Coach Chuck shares, “I want to be able to provide some inspiration to my students. Life is like running a marathon: you envision the finish line, but how are you going to get there? Just like with running, I give myself milestones or goals and when I reach them, I move onto the next. You have to manage life in small bites at a time and with that in mind, you’re on your way to becoming a winner!” Congratulations to Coach Chuck, as we all look forward to the positive changes you will implement and the opportunities you will bring as the new Dean of Students.
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