DIS Welcomes Its Students to Virtual Learning

Amidst uneasy times, Dallas International School has continued its promise to provide the highest quality learning experience for students.
Amidst uneasy times, Dallas International School has continued its promise to provide the highest quality learning experience for students. That includes following state suggestions that schools transition from the classroom to an online learning environment, which began this past week to ensure the health and safety of our community. DIS students were quick to adapt to a virtual classroom on Thursday, March 19, and will continue to attend classes in the interim. 
Adjusting to learning in a new environment from the conventional classrooms on campus presents students with new experiences and challenges. DIS Director of Admissions & Development, Kerry Briard, has been able to witness the transition to virtual learning firsthand and from three very different views. Having three children who attend DIS: Lucie (8), Evan (11) and Nathan (14), Kerry has also been presented with the unique experience of observing how students from elementary through high school have been adapting to the transition over the  past few days. It turns out that while virtual learning has taken center stage across the country, the concept is not as completely alien to our students as we had anticipated. 
When asked how they feel about the new transition to online classes and learning from home, Kerry’s youngest child, CE2 student, Lucie Briard, is enjoying the experience. Lucie says it’s been fun thus far and shares, “It feels nice to still be able to attend class right now, because I can still stay in touch with all my teachers and friends.” Lucie also enjoys having her entire grade together during her virtual classes, stating, “I am so excited about school every day now, because I can see friends from my entire grade every day instead of just my individual class. We can all be together!”
Kerry’s middle child, 6th grader, Evan Briard, is enjoying online classes, but feels that he could be getting more physical exercise being at home. When asked what he misses most, Evan says, “I like online learning so far because it’s comfortable to be in your own home and sit where you like, however, I miss recess period.” Evan also shares, “I do like having to not switch classrooms between each period, although learning feels different now and comes with its share of challenges. It is all online and not on sheets of paper. Because we can only hear our classmates during the virtual class, we find ourselves talking over one another which creates a little confusion." 
Oldest child, 8th grader, Nathan Briard, feels the transition to virtual learning doesn’t feel much different from attending class physically. Nathan exclaims, “So far, it feels very similar and the teachers are doing a great job. I can also get a little more sleep in the mornings, since school is at home now.” While Nathan does realize it will be a bit harder to socialize with his friends on a daily basis, he does see a bright side to the transition, stating, “I feel more relaxed and less stressed out because now, I have all of my resources around me during class. I am also able to work a bit more autonomously now.”
While we understand that the coming weeks will bring about challenges and will explore new territory, we hope that these experiences will continue to make the DIS community stronger. We would also like to thank our staff and faculty for all the hard work and extra hours they have put forth to ensure this transition transpired seamlessly. 

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