Welcoming Our Foreign Exchange Students

This semester, DIS has continued its tradition of participating in foreign exchange by welcoming two young ladies to Dallas through our exchange program. Italian and Spanish natives, Francesca Fabbri and Ane Espel, have been enjoying their experience here at DIS and in Dallas for the last few months. 

Our DIS Experience by Ane (form Madrid) and Francesca (from Florence)
We are Francesca Fabbri and Ane Espel, two 10th graders (FB). We are from Italy, more precisely Florence, and Madrid, in Spain. We have been in Dallas for over two months already but I, Francesca, will stay in Texas until the 21 of December while Ane left last friday . She was not excited to leave, because although she is missing her country, she is very much enjoying this experience.
We live at the Castellanos and the Fathi’s house, two of the kindest and more loving families we have ever met. Their houses are beautiful and comfortable and every member is kind and caring. We most certainly think that this is a really important experience of our lives. Since the beginning we’ve learned so many new things about life and culture. We are learning how to understand different life styles and how people act differently in certain environments. Everything in Dallas is different from our home towns. This can be terrifying but it can make us stronger and face possible challenges in the future . We are really happy to have made the brave decision to come here. We think it’ll make a positive change on how we’ll live our lives from now on. We strongly advise people of all ages to do experiences of this kind. My sister, Beatrice Fabbri, came in this school for an exchange three years ago. She loved this experience so much that she was actually the person who advised me to come here. She enjoyed her time and after the 5 months of the exchange, she decided to stay an entire year. She went during her 10th grade, like I’m doing this year. She has learned a lot of things, made various memories and met new people that helped her through her journey. I have been experiencing the same things as her, meeting new people, understanding different societies etc… I hope I will remember this one of a life experience and most of all I hope I will keep on having fun.
Benefits of the exchange program
With our school network, we offer many opportunities for students to study abroad. Studying abroad, it is embarking on new transformative experience an excellent opportunity for students to enhance fluency and to develop intercultural awareness. Students participating in an exchange program gain will be empowered, see their world view expanded and become a more well-rounded global citizen.
I take this opportunity to express my biggest thanks to our both DIS families, Mr. Mrs. Fathi and Mr. Mrs. Castellanos, for hosting Ane and Francesca. I can not be more agree about them. We are very fortunate to have among our community such wonderful parents. We are very grateful for making their experience wonderful, successful and unforgettable! Merci!
Stay tuned, more wonderful stories are coming!
If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact Mrs. Zahra Boudaoui.

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